Easy how to Root Android 11 The utilization of Magisk — The Foolproof Files

Attributable to Magisk, you salvage no longer have to lose root when updating to Android 11. The stylish systemless rooting tool already finished superuser assemble right of entry to on Google’s most modern OS, even sooner than the marvelous liberate. It be at this time in its experimental stages so the components is trickier than common, nevertheless it does work.

Unfortunately, ensuing from adjustments in Android 10, we will have to relieve a while for an marvelous TWRP custom restoration. This makes flashing Magisk more mighty, and it also components which that you just can well well additionally very well be more susceptible if a cozy brick (or bootloop) occurs, so be cautious.

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  • Android 11 tool with unlockable bootloader
  • Windows, Mac, or Linux computer
  • USB cable

Step 1: Liberate Your Phone’s Bootloader

To put in Magisk, and thus, root your phone, which that you just can well have to flash a modified image onto an OS-stage partition on your phone. That is exactly what unlocking your bootloader lets you lift out.

So it be time to free up your bootloader whenever you occur to have not already. Nonetheless know that doing so will erase your internal storage, which components all of your recordsdata that is no longer backed as a lot as the cloud will seemingly be lost.

This step is advanced, so now we maintain written a separate recordsdata to stroll you by it:

  • More Files: Easy how to Liberate the Bootloader on Stock Android Phones

Step 2: Download the Android 11 Manufacturing facility Photos on Your Pc

Now, which that you just can well need the factory photos for the model of Android 11 your tool is at this time running. It is some distance a residing of IMG files, typically interior a ZIP archive, that are a ideally pleasant reproduction of your phone’s internal storage partitions, minus any user recordsdata.

In case your phone has an unlockable bootloader, it be extremely seemingly that your phone’s producer offers a free download of those factory photos. For what it be rate, you do no longer desire all of the factory photos, proper the boot image. So if your phone’s OEM offers a straight away download for the boot.img file, that could perchance well perchance be faster.

Otherwise, you would use the next hyperlinks to search out the factory photos for the 2 indispensable manufacturers in the US that enable bootloader unlocking. Whereas which that you just can well well additionally very well be there, scuttle to “About Phone” in Settings and browse the “Originate Quantity” on the underside. Rating definite that this matches the model which that you just can well well additionally very well be downloading.

  • Download factory photos for Google Pixel devices
  • Download factory photos for OnePlus devices

Step 3: Extract the Boot Image

Extract the ZIP file using both your computer’s preinstalled ZIP extractor or a third-birthday party option equivalent to 7-Zip. Originate the folder, then open the ZIP file that starts with “image-” followed by a name and a sequence of numbers of letters. Extract the “boot” IMG file that yow will discover interior of this ZIP to your desktop.

Whenever which that you just can well well additionally very well be on a OnePlus phone, it be no longer as straightforward as unzipping a file. As an quite loads of, which that you just can well have to use a utility to drag the boot image out of the “Payload.bin” file. Disclose the facts below to assemble squared away:

  • More Files: Easy how to Rating Fastboot-Flashable Photos out of OnePlus’ Firmware File

Step 4: Trail the Boot Image to Your Phone

Now, pass the boot IMG file you proper extracted to your phone and space it in the Downloads folder. We could perchance well perchance imply doing this with a physical connection (i.e., a USB recordsdata cable), as importing to a cloud provider could perchance well well additionally unhealthy the file.

Whenever you’d like more relieve with this phase, gaze Google’s recordsdata on transferring files from Android to Windows or our recordsdata on transferring from Android to Mac.

Step 5: Set up Magisk Supervisor Canary on Your Phone

To your phone now, which that you just can well have to install the “Canary,” or pre-beta construct of Magisk Supervisor. Below, now we maintain linked the marvelous model as equipped by topjohnwu, so faucet or lengthy-press the hyperlink to keep the file. Because it is an APK, which that you just can well have to enable “Set up unknown apps” to your browser and sideload the app to install it.

  • Download the Latest Magisk Supervisor Canary (.apk)

Step 6: Patch the Boot Image with Magisk Supervisor

Originate Magisk Supervisor and buy out “Set up” in the tip-supreme nook of the Magisk card. Faucet “Allow” when resulted in to present Magisk permission to assemble right of entry to your files.

On the Set up cowl now, go both “Withhold” solutions enabled and go “Recovery Mode” disabled, then press “Next.” Faucet “Grasp and Patch a File” on the next menu and your system file picker will seem. Disclose the hamburger menu to search out your Downloads folder and buy out the “boot.img” file you copied over in Step 4.

Now which that you just can well be taken support to the Set up cowl in Magisk Supervisor. Faucet “Next” here, then hit “Let’s scuttle.” Sooner or later, proper wait unless the readout says “All finished!”

Step 7: Trail the Patched Boot Image to Your Pc

From here, pass the magisk_patched.img file from the Downloads folder on your phone over to the desktop on your computer. Over again, use an recordsdata cable if that you just would have faith.

Step 8: Download Google’s Platform-Instruments on Your Pc

That that you just can well have to send Fastboot instructions to your phone in repeat to root it. To befriend out that, which that you just can well need a small fragment of free, first-birthday party system created by Google.

That that you just can well additionally download these “platform-instruments” right this moment from Google using the hyperlink below. Valid buy out the hyperlink a lot like your computer’s working system.

  • Download Google’s Platform-Instruments: Windows | Mac | Linux

Step 9: Extract the Platform-Instruments ZIP

Once downloaded, extract the file using your working system’s built-in instruments or by using a third-birthday party program equivalent to 7-Zip. Once extracted, reproduction and paste (or tear and descend) the platform-instruments folder to the desktop for more straightforward assemble right of entry to since which that you just can well be using it later.

Image by Dallas Thomas/Design Hacks

Step 10: Originate a Instantaneous in the Platform-Instruments Folder

For macOS and Linux users, open the Terminal app from your Functions folder. Whenever which that you just can well well additionally very well be using Windows, open Present Instantaneous from the Inaugurate Menu.

Once your repeat line tool is open, form the next, but don’t hit enter but:


Now, press your spacebar once to add a single dwelling after “cd.” Aloof don’t hit enter.

Sooner or later, tear the platform-instruments folder from your desktop and descend it supreme on top of the repeat line window. This can auto-populate its elephantine file name and folder keep of residing, at which level you would scuttle forward and press enter on your keyboard.

  • Tubby Files: Easy how to Originate an ADB Instantaneous in the Platform-Instruments Folder
Image by Dallas Thomas/Design Hacks

Step 11: Build aside Your Phone into Bootloader Mode

Now which that you just can well have to boot into bootloader mode so you would send the Fastboot repeat that can install Magisk.

That that you just can well additionally lift out this by activating Developer Choices, enabling USB Debugging, allowing the connection, then entering adb reboot-bootloader into the repeat urged on your computer, but there is a neater plan: button combinations.

For most phones, energy the tool fully off, then press and befriend the quantity down button. Whereas gentle retaining volume down, press and befriend the energy button unless your phone starts to boot up, then let scuttle of both buttons. If this reveals a menu indulge in the one below, which that you just can well well additionally very well be supreme to scuttle. Otherwise, use the ADB repeat.

Image by Stephen Perkins/Design Hacks

Step 12: Join to Your Pc

Now, fling your phone into your computer with a USB recordsdata cable. Ideally, this can be the cable that got here in the field alongside with your phone, but when no longer, on the least produce definite it be a supreme tremendous cable.

Step 13: Flash the Patched Boot Image

Form the next repeat into the repeat line tool on your computer, then press enter to verify the Fastboot connection.

fastboot devices

That that you just can well additionally gentle gaze your phone’s serial amount. Whenever you lift out, you would proceed. Enter the next and press the spacebar once to add a single dwelling, but don’t hit enter:

fastboot flash boot

Stir the “patched_magisk” IMG file from your file explorer to the repeat line tool, then descend it supreme on that window to auto-populate the file course. From there, press enter to send the elephantine repeat.

Display cowl: Whenever which that you just can well well additionally very well be on Mac or Linux and receive an error message after sending the above repeat, add a duration and a carve (./) to the starting up keep and send it again. Example: ./fastboot flash boot boot.img

After a sequence of traces, including two that spit out “OKAY,” enter the next repeat to reboot support to Android:

fastboot reboot

And again, add “./” to the entrance if it doesn’t work the first time:

./fastboot reboot

Step 14: Compare Root

Whenever you assemble support up, all that is left to lift out is to verify root. Originate Magisk Supervisor, and now which that you just can well well additionally gentle gaze “Location: Current” in the Magisk part alongside a construct amount next to “Installed.” High-tail forward and download any root app and faucet “Grant” when asked for superuser assemble right of entry to to ogle if all the pieces works as supposed.

Endure in mind that ensuing from adjustments to Android, SafetyNet will no longer pass by default. Attributable to this fact, which that you just can well lose assemble right of entry to to Google Pay, Pokémon GO, and a few banking apps which use SafetyNet to identify if your tool is rooted or modified.

Conceal image, screenshots, and GIFs by Dallas Thomas/Design Hacks