The total Unusual Parts in Samsung’s One UI 3.0 Update for Galaxy Units

Upright days after Google released the official Android 11 update, Samsung already had a pre-beta design of One UI 3.0 accessible for builders to test their apps on. So this three hundred and sixty five days’s main OS abet is probably going hitting Galaxy phones even sooner than we conception.

Some beneficial properties within the take a look at design of One UI 3.0 are very obviously unfinished. Diversified Android 11 beneficial properties aloof haven’t been added. So it be a fluid misfortune, which is why we are going to continue to update this page as Samsung releases future beta variations of the update. No topic when you read this, it needs to be basically the most ethical prediction of beneficial properties coming to your phone when the official update hits in unhurried 2020.

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Eligible Phones

Samsung recently started promising three years of OS updates. They made some fresh phones eligible for this alternate, giving us an official list of devices that would additionally just inch Android 11/One UI 3.0:

  • Galaxy S10e
  • Galaxy S10
  • Galaxy S10+
  • Galaxy Expose 10
  • Galaxy Expose 10+
  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20+
  • Galaxy S20 Extremely
  • Galaxy Fold
  • Galaxy Z Flip
  • Galaxy A51
  • Galaxy A51 5G
  • Galaxy A71 5G
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5G
  • Galaxy Expose 20
  • Galaxy Expose 20 Extremely
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2

Notification Color & Quick Settings

1. Unusual Sections within the Notification Color

The notification shade will now divide incoming indicators into three categories: Alerting, Soundless, and Conversations. The latter, which is new in Android 11, contains notifications from any of your messaging apps and is the stop share within the notification shade. The unprejudiced is to place your conversations front and center.

Every crew is delineated by a clear barrier, which helps keeps indicators separate nevertheless additionally will enhance the size of the shade. It is doubtless you’ll dwelling indicators to “Soundless” by lengthy-urgent them, that would additionally just then push them to the backside share and prevent any sound. Every little thing else goes within the center share.

2. Notification Bubbles

Bubbles beget been introduced in One UI 2. In One UI 3 (working on top of Android 11), it needs to be grew to change into on by default for all apps. That plan it is far doable for you to to bewitch perfect thing about these chat bubbles (popularized by Facebook Messenger) on WhatsApp, Samsung Messages, and more.

Samsung might perchance additionally just alternate the implementation, nevertheless in inventory Android 11, you might perchance press a button on chat notifications to flip the dialog into a bubble. It is doubtless you’ll then scrutinize new messages pop up from the bubble itself, and you might perchance tap these to open a mini floating model of the messaging app.

  • More Information: How To Enable Notification Bubbles for Your Chats in Android 11

3. Gleaming Pop-Up Sight as an Different to Bubbles

Within the occasion you capture fleshy derive admission to to an app, One UI 3.0 helps you to make employ of “Gleaming Pop-Up Sight” as a substitute of bubbles. To alternate, open Quick Settings, contain the three vertical dots, and steal “Attach bar.” Purchase out “Floating icons,” then contain the now printed likelihood “Included apps,” which mean you might perchance contain which app can employ this selection.

4. Embedded Media Controls

Media playback controls can beget a persistent dwelling in One UI 3.0. Rather then being tossed in amongst your notifications, those same controls will persistently be at the stop. On Android 11, the new controls are embedded into the Quick Settings, nevertheless on One UI 3.0, they’re radiant below that (a minimum of, for now). They’re aloof reasonably moderately buggy, so we ask some UX adjustments.

5. Notification History

Rather then having to download Fair Lock and inserting in NotiStar, in One UI 3.0, you might perchance derive admission to brushed off notifications by going to Settings –> Notifications –> Evolved, selecting “Attach Bar,” and enabling “Notification historical past. ” As soon as enabled, contain the text half to explore the list. As of the first beta, there isn’t very any longer a “History” button at the backside of the Notification Color comparable to inventory Android, nevertheless this is able to additionally just alternate in future releases.

6. Transparent Background with Gaussian Blur

Rather then a solid colored background, Samsung is going with an iOS-savor clear grey background with Gaussian blur applied to the parts within the lend a hand of it.

7. Unusual Station for Units & Media

Both the Units and Media buttons beget moved to the stop of the expanded Quick Settings menu. Additionally, the buttons are bigger, making them more easy to press. On the opposite hand, you fabricate lose derive admission to to the button when viewing the condensed Quick Settings scrutinize.

8. A Better Edit Mode

The edit mode for Quick Settings has gotten a mighty need redesign in One UI 3.0. Within the most fresh update, as a substitute of both “Readily accessible buttons” and fresh tiles the employ of the same coloration, the tantalizing tiles all beget blue backgrounds and white icons, while the indolent tiles withhold the old grey on grey coloration. Additionally, the fresh tiles are organized within the same structure as the actual Quick Settings menu.

(1) One UI 2.5, (2) One UI 3.0

9. Unusual Residence for Notification Reminders

In One UI 3.0, “Notification reminders” beget been moved to a brand new position. In Quick Settings, contain the three vertical dots within the upper radiant corner. Purchase “Attach bar,” then enable the “Notification reminders” toggle. Purchase out the text half of the same likelihood, then configure the reminders to your selecting.

10. Counsel Actions & Replies Moved

There might perchance be a brand new position for the “Counsel actions and replies for notifications” likelihood. With Quick Settings open, contain the three vertical dots within the upper-radiant corner, then steal “Attach bar” to search out the toggle.

11. Unusual Station for Emergency Alerts

Now no longer fabricate it be a need to to open Samsung Messages to configure emergency indicators. It is doubtless you’ll now have the ability to derive admission to it by opening Quick Settings, deciding on the three vertical dots within the upper radiant corner, and selecting “Attach Bar.” Right here contain “Wi-fi emergency indicators.”

12. Ship Photos in Notification Replies

Within the occasion you retort to a message within the notification shade by urgent “Retort,” you might perchance now establish a portray to your response.


13. Resizable PiP

It is doubtless you’ll now regulate the size of the portray-in-portray mode mini participant. Purchase any corner of the window and swipe outward to develop the size.

  • More Information: How To Resize Image-in-Image Mode Movies in Android 11

Volume Panel

14. Unusual Menu

The volume menu has gotten a complete revision in One UI 3.0. Gone is the default horizontal scrutinize, replaced with a vertical plan comparable to inventory Android. On the opposite hand, the design borrows carefully from iOS 14, the employ of a identical semi-clear grey lend a hand background with Gaussian blur.

(1) One UI 2.5, (2) One UI 3.0


15. Residence Show mask Possibility

Settings has a brand new likelihood titled “Residence Show mask.” As the title implies, it directs you to the One UI Launcher’s settings page (the default dwelling mask app), which, in prior variations, modified into totally accessible by lengthy-urgent the dwelling mask and selecting “Settings.”

16. Unusual Icons

The total icons in Settings are now squircles. In One UI 2.5, the icons did no longer beget a background. All icons are the same besides “Accounts and backup” and “Software program update.” The former has a brand new icon while the latter reverses the icon coloration.

17. Diversified Dinky Adjustments

Machine Care has been renamed to “Battery and instrument care.” The email address associated with your Samsung fable, along with your title, is listed at the stop of the Settings menu. Selecting the tile will give you a brand new “Samsung fable” page.


18. Android Auto

There might perchance be a brand new Android Auto likelihood on the major page which directs you to the app.


19. Improved Gesture Navigation

Besides with the ability to make employ of Android’s gesture navigation with third-social gathering apps (that repair sooner or later came in One UI 2.5), One UI 3 will mean you might perchance configure the lend a hand button’s sensitivity for both aspect. Ideally, you would lower sensitivity on the left edge, making it that you might perchance be take into consideration to make employ of gestures to open the hamburger menu again.

20. Edge Panels

“Edge Show mask” has been renamed “Edge panels.” Edge lighting fixtures, a minimum of for now, is removed. “Tackle” modified into moved from the menu button within the upper radiant corner to the major page.

Lock Show mask

21. Dynamic Lock Show mask Has More Lessons

Dynamic Lock Show mask, the feature that mechanically switches your lock mask’s wallpaper, has more categories. Pets beget been split into Dogs, Cats, and Animals. There might perchance be additionally new Desserts, Vegetation, and Special categories.

22. Lock Show mask Widgets

FaceWidgets beget been renamed Lock mask widgets. One UI 3.0 provides one new widget, Digital Wellbeing and parental controls. Quite loads of the a diffusion of widgets beget been improved.

Biometrics and Security

23. More Biometrics Settings

About a settings beget been moved round in “Biometrics and Security.” “Biometrics security patch” and “Impress free up transition produce” (beforehand chanced on below “Biometrics preferences”) are now positioned below a brand new likelihood, “More biometrics settings.”


24. Small Rating admission to to Your Permissions

One UI 3.0 will attain with a pair of adjustments to how apps can interrogate permissions. First, the permission immediate has a brand new likelihood, “Most though-provoking this time,” limiting derive admission to till you conclude up the app. Later on, it needs to interrogate derive admission to again.

25. Small Background Station Rating admission to

Your position files is additionally better stable in Android 11. Apps will no longer have the ability to at as soon as ask you to derive admission to your position within the background. Instead, they need to specify why they need it, then inform you to a page in Settings where you might perchance manually enable derive admission to.

26. Notify And not using a raze in sight

Apps can totally ask you any other time for the same permission whenever you inform it. After a second denial, Android will now interpret this as “don’t ask again” and ignore any extra requests.

27. Utilize Extinct Biometrics to Unlock Apps

The Galaxy Expose 20 signifies that you can free up your phone the employ of both the stable in-explain fingerprint scanner and the alarmed digital camera-based facial recognition. On the opposite hand, when apps enforce biometrics abet, the undoubtedly biometrics they’ll derive admission to is the fingerprint scanner.

In Android 11, Google has created a tier system, diving biometrics into three categories: strong, former, and instrument credential. Apps can steal which energy of authentication they need, allowing much less sensitive apps to make employ of the Galaxy Expose 20’s Face Unlock to limit entrance.

28. Rearranged Menu

The “Privacy” menu in Settings received a pair of structure adjustments. First, “Ship diagnostic files” is mixed with “Samsung Privacy” and “Customization Provider,” inserting it below both alternate suggestions below a Samsung grouping. Both groupings are given new titles, with the Evolved crew being renamed to Google. Additionally, there isn’t very any longer a description of the Google likelihood that appears to be like on the major menu.

(1) One UI 2.5, (2) One UI 3.0

Accounts and Backup

29. Unusual Menu Structure

The “Accounts and backups” menu has been entirely rearranged. Accounts beget been renamed “Organize accounts.” There are three groupings: Samsung Cloud, Google Drive, and Gleaming Swap, representing the quite loads of strategies to lend a hand up and restore your files. Both the lend a hand up and restore likelihood for Samsung Cloud can be found from the major menu, lowering a pair of touches, while Google Drive has misplaced all nevertheless its “Reduction up files” likelihood. External storage switch has been moved to the Gleaming Swap grouping. Overall, the new structure makes backing up your phone faster.

(1) One UI 2.5, (2) One UI 3.0

Evolved Parts

To account for, this share lists adjustments to the beneficial properties and alternate suggestions within the Evolved Parts menu in One UI 3.0’s Settings app.

30. Name & Text on Diversified Units

In One UI 3.0, you might perchance prepare “Name & text on a diffusion of devices” with Bixby routines.

31. Unusual Structure

Samsung DeX is now at the stop of the page, below “Facet key.” “Gleaming pop-up scrutinize” and “Cut lend a hand animations” beget both been removed from the menu.

32. Double Faucet to Sleep

Below Settings –> Evolved Parts –> Motions and gestures, you beget a brand new likelihood: “Double tap to sleep.” When enabled, double tap an empty dwelling of the dwelling mask to flip off the mask.

33. More Descriptive Names

“Gleaming halt” has been renamed “Set up mask on while viewing” to be more identifiable to customers. “Gleaming alert” is now “Alert when phone picked up,” and ” “Easy still” is now “Soundless with gestures.”

Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls

34. Bedtime Mode

Wind Down has been renamed to Bedtime mode, following the same naming blueprint as inventory Android.

35. Diminished Clutter

Rather then quite loads of alternate suggestions when deciding on the three vertical dots within the upper-radiant corner of the Digital Wellbeing menu, One UI 3.0 reduces these to a single “Settings” likelihood. Right here, you might perchance additionally acquire all the alternate suggestions beforehand show mask within the overflow menu, to boot to “Customization Provider.”

Battery and Machine Care

36. Unusual Evolved Menu

While within the newly renamed “Battery and instrument care” menu in Settings, you might perchance tap the menu button within the stop-radiant and steal “Evolved” to explore a brand new menu. “Auto optimization” has been renamed to “Auto optimize each day.” “Auto restart” has been renamed “auto restart at dwelling instances.” “Notification” and “Optimize settings” beget been removed, and one new likelihood has been added, “Adaptive vitality saving,” which permits vitality saving mode mechanically according to your usage.

37. All-Unusual Battery Menu

The Battery menu presentations quite loads of graphical representations of your battery consumption on the major page. “Energy mode” is gone, replaced with “Energy saving mode.” This new mode removes the presets and replaces them with limits, which you might perchance dwelling when vitality saving mode is enabled. “App vitality management” has been renamed “Background usage limits,” and its “Apps that would additionally just no longer be set to sleep” likelihood has been renamed to “Never sound asleep apps.”

“Charging” has been removed from the major page, as a substitute placed within a brand new “Evolved settings” likelihood. Right here, you might perchance additionally toggle “Adaptive battery,” “Impress charging files,” and “Impress battery percentage on the dwelling bar.” Additionally, two of the vitality modes beget been renamed and added to this new menu. “Minimal battery employ” is similar to the “Maximum vitality saving” mode within the old model, and “Enhanced processing” is the new title for “Excessive Performance.”

38. All Unusual Storage Menu

The “Storage” menu inside of “Battery and instrument care” got a complete overhaul. Rather then a selectable likelihood for every share, a smaller list modified into added, which totally tells you the dwelling occupied by every file. Below are four new sections: “Trash,” “Cached files,” “Replica files,” and “Astronomical files.” These sections provide identical optimization to Google’s Recordsdata app, locating files that fit every class and offering alternate suggestions to delete the solutions to assign dwelling.

At last, “Evolved” has been moved from the major menu to the new menu button within the upper-radiant corner. The first three categories on the list (“Total dwelling,” “Readily accessible dwelling,” and “System memory”) beget been moved to a brand new graph at the stop.


39. Less difficult Rating admission to to Default Apps

Rather then the employ of the menu button in Settings –> Apps to consult with the “Default Apps” page, One UI 3.0 pulls out the likelihood and provides it to the very top of the Apps page. For new Android customers, this is able to additionally just aloof fabricate it loads more easy to beget a examine the reality that you might perchance be alternate your default browser, email, and quite loads of of a diffusion of supported categories.

(1) One UI 2.5, (2) One UI 3.0

40. Less difficult Rating admission to to Samsung Apps

Within the occasion you navigate to Settings –> Apps, you might perchance additionally acquire two new alternate suggestions on the stop: “Purchase default apps” and “Samsung app settings.” The latter redirects you a filtered app list with all of the Samsung-developed preloaded apps to your instrument. Selecting an app from the list will raise you to the app’s settings page.

Long-established Administration

41. Organize Samsung Keyboard Less difficult

Rather then having first to steal “Language and enter,” you might perchance now prepare the Samsung Keyboard settings from the major “Long-established management” menu within Settings.

42. Organize Keyboard Less difficult

Within the occasion you make employ of third-social gathering keyboards, you might perchance alternate the default keyboard in few touches. The brand new “Keyboard list and default” menu likelihood directs you to a brand new page that helps you to dwelling the default keyboard and enable (or disable) a diffusion of accessible keyboards.

43. Autofill

It is doubtless you’ll now derive admission to the autofill likelihood from the Long-established management page.

44. Mouse & Trackpad

Mouse and Trackpad settings can now be modified from the major page of Long-established management.


45. Sound Detector

Sound Detector now works with SmartThings devices, allowing more devices to lend a hand detect environmental sounds you set no longer would love to omit, similar to a baby’s wail or a doorbell.

46. Recommendations

At the stop of Accessibility is a brand new “Suggested for you” likelihood. Right here, you might perchance acquire the alternate suggestions One UI believes you might perchance desire to bewitch perfect thing about according to your usage.

47. Suggested Accessibility Characteristic with a Gesture

Below “Evolved Settings,” you might perchance enable “Accessibility gesture,” a brand new feature that helps you to toggle Accessibility beneficial properties by swiping up from the backside of the explain with two fingers.

48. Unusual Structure

Accessibility got a complete redesign. “Show mask reader” is removed, with “TalkBack” taking its put on the major page. Alternate suggestions are divided into quite loads of sections as a substitute of clustered into one crew. Every likelihood has an icon as effectively.

About Phone

49. Mannequin Title

On the major page of “About phone” in Settings, listed attain the stop of the page, Samsung added “Mannequin title.”

Developer Alternate suggestions

50. Wi-fi Debugging

One UI 3.0 will will mean you might perchance ship ADB and fastboot instructions without the need to physically connect your phone to your computer. Now we beget talked extensively about how ADB can enhance your Galaxy ride, and with wi-fi debugging, it radiant got more easy.

51. Ogle Latest Refresh Price

It is doubtless you’ll now able to explore how One UI adjusts the refresh payment. Hidden in Developer Alternate suggestions is a brand new surroundings that helps you to scrutinize the fresh refresh payment of your phone. This is no longer the same as your frame payment, sadly, nevertheless it no doubt does will mean you might perchance explore when Samsung’s 120 Hz is grew to change into on.

  • More Information: How To Ogle Which Apps Flee at a Higher Refresh Price with Android 11

52. Headphone Audio Codec Strengthen

You no longer need to radiant inherently know which audio codecs your headphones abet. Pair your audio instrument to a smartphone working Android 11 and open “Trigger Bluetooth Audio Codec Possibility” in Developer Alternate suggestions. Most though-provoking the supported codecs will be accessible, while the others will be grayed out. Additionally, you might perchance take a look at the pattern payment. There might perchance be even an “HD Audio” toggle, due to this that you can swap to the highest configuration.

53. Loss of Parts

About a alternate suggestions are no longer accessible in Developer Alternate suggestions:

  • Belief agents totally prolong free up
  • Lock mask when trust is misplaced
  • Wi-Fi stable mode
  • Reset the ShortcutManager API name limit
  • Restrict SMS & name log derive admission to
  • Notification bubbles
  • Accent coloration
  • Headline/physique font
  • Icon shape

54. GPUWatch

GPUWatch is a instrument for builders to show screen the influence of an app or sport on a smartphone. While this likelihood has been accessible on Galaxy devices for a while, it largely did nothing.

In One UI 3.0, when enabled, you derive a efficiency overlay comparable to what GPU producers provide on gaming PCs. GPUWatch will overlay the fresh FPS, CPU and GPU load, API title, and mask resolution. It is doubtless you’ll steal which alternate suggestions show mask, regulate the background coloration, and tweak how usually it updates.


55. Selfie Section

The digital camera app’s settings menu has a brand new “Selfie” share, which takes selfie-linked alternate suggestions already accessible on older Galaxy devices and combines them into one grouping. The three fresh alternate suggestions are “Gleaming selfie perspective,” “Photos as previewed,” and “Tone.”

56. Renamed Alternate suggestions

The “Swipe Shutter button to edge to” has been lowered to “Swipe Shutter button to.” “Set up alternate suggestions” has been renamed to “Format and evolved alternate suggestions.” In this menu, Samsung additionally renamed “Set up RAW copies” to “RAW copies (Pro).” “Station tags” is now “Station tags and sharing.”

Phone & Contacts

57. Improved Junk mail Security

Caller ID and spam protection beneficial properties are making improvements to in Android 11. Name screening apps can now derive admission to the verification dwelling from SHAKEN/STIR (a brand new system extinct by carriers within the US) to abet their ability to title callers. There might perchance be no be aware yet on whether or no longer Samsung will bewitch perfect thing about this with its Phone app, nevertheless it no doubt’s a ethical likelihood.

58. Organize Contacts

Purchase out the menu button (three vertical dots) within the Phone app to search out the new “Organize contacts” likelihood. Right here, you might perchance merge contacts, delete duplicate contacts, and loads more.


59. Trash Can

There might perchance be a brand new trash can feature (chanced on by deciding on the three vertical dots within the upper radiant corner and selecting “Trash”) that would additionally just store any messages recently deleted. Admire Windows’ Recycle Bin, you might perchance derive better recently deleted messages. After 15 days, the messages will be permanently deleted.

One UI Launcher

60. Sooner Technique to Add Widgets

Within the occasion you lengthy press an icon, a brand new “Widget” likelihood will seem. Purchase out this to explore the widgets accessible to that explicit app, which you might perchance then add to the dwelling mask.


61. Utilize Bluetooth Headphones in Airplane Mode

While taking note of audio by Bluetooth headphones or audio system, Airplane Mode will no longer disconnect your phone.

62. Better Bluetooth

Android 11 uses a brand new Bluetooth stack identified as Gabeldorsche. Shrimp is identified about this stack a diffusion of than it is better than the one currently extinct and will abet Android 11 phones’ ability to pair and protect connections with Bluetooth devices.

Miscellaneous Adjustments

63. Better Battery Life at Higher Refresh Rates

App builders will now have the ability to dwelling a preferred refresh payment. For video games, builders can dwelling the refresh payment to max out the Galaxy S20’s 120 Hz, nevertheless for the digital camera or YouTube, it is far going to be lowered to 60 Hz to assign battery existence.

64. Improved Foldable Strengthen

In Android 10, Google added native abet for foldable devices similar to the Galaxy Fold and Z Flip. In Android 11, a brand new API lets apps pick the perspective of the foldable. This addition will enable Samsung’s Flex Mode to work with far more apps.

65. Better Keyboard Transition

Unusual APIs will let apps pick how the keyboard animates on and off the mask. The brand new dwelling of tools makes your complete task smoother, flowing with the app better.

Image by Android Builders

66. Better Strengthen for Curved Displays

Android’s Expose cutout API has added abet for shows with round cutouts (digital camera punch-holes) and waterfall shows (where the monitors bend over your complete aspect edge). With this improved abet, apps can bewitch better perfect thing concerning the waterfall explain, steer definite of getting text minimize off by the digital camera cutout, and potentially enable immersive mode to work without the inclusion of a sad bar.

67. Decrease Latency for Stadia

Two sizable additions are coming to Samsung devices that can aid minimize latency when taking half in cloud gaming products and companies similar to Stadia and GeForce Now. First is the addition of low latency video decoding. Android 11 makes it more easy for devices to decode this fabricate of video, which makes these cloud products and companies that you might perchance be take into consideration.

2d, Android 11 supports HDMI 2.1’s low-latency mode. This mode will, in essence, flip on sport mode to your tv, where lower enter high-tail is prioritized over portray processing. And since Samsung supports HDMI over USB-C, you might perchance employ this selection to play Stadia to your TV without desiring a Chromecast Extremely.

Image by Jon Knight/System Hacks

68. You Can’t Trade the Default Digicam

To halt malicious apps from capturing your position, Google has removed the ability to dwelling a Third-social gathering digital camera app as default. It is doubtless you’ll continue to make employ of the third-social gathering app as fashioned, nevertheless if one other app requests to make employ of the digital camera app, this might perchance occasionally employ the preinstalled one. Nonetheless the alternate is no longer as dramatic because it sounds — you might perchance aloof employ the cameras which might perchance be constructed into apps similar to Snapchat and dwelling shortcuts to third-social gathering apps.

69. Resume on Reboot

In Android 11, you no longer need to free up your phone to receive notifications after rebooting. Instead, apps will able to derive admission to the Credential Encrypted storage to populate your notification shade with incoming indicators. This model you do no longer omit anything else if your phone up to this point in a single day.

Duvet portray by Jon Knight/System Hacks

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