Shrink the Pixel 5’s Big Station Bar The total plot down to a Traditional Size

The Pixel 5 is the foremost mainstream telephone with perfectly symmetrical slim bezels. Most other “bezel-less” telephones secure had a disproportionately big backside bezel, and while the iPhone’s side and backside bezels are symmetrical, there would possibly be a gigantic notch across most of its top bezel. The arrangement back to the Pixel’s attain is it has a intellectual appropriate tell cutout for the front digicam.

The cutout itself isn’t any longer injurious, however the manner Google has accommodated it in instrument UI ingredients is a dinky a controversy. The top of the punch gap is ready 2 mm below the pause bezel of the telephone. So for symmetry’s sake, Google extended Android’s location bar to about 2 mm below the backside edge of the selfie digicam. This made the location bar twice as gargantuan as the Pixel 4’s. Fortunately, there would possibly be a Magisk module that can fix it.


  • Google Pixel 5 (no longer designed for other gadgets)
  • Root access with Magisk place in

Step 1: Win the Module

This mod became created by developer Tulsadiver, and there are two diversified versions of it (technically six, however I would possibly procure to that later). One model makes the location bar 36 pixels gargantuan, and the opposite makes it 24 pixels gargantuan. Study them out within the GIF below, then faucet one amongst the links to make a choice up the model you like.

  • Procure Tulsadiver’s Pixel 5 Station Bar Fix: 24 DP Mod | 36 DP Mod

Like I discussed, there are really four extra versions of this mod, however they don’t correct shrink the location bar — they pass the location bar clock, too. Within the occasion you secure an interest in these, of whenever you occur to are viewing this article within the waste and the mods linked above no longer work, take a look at out Tulsadiver’s liberate thread on XDA.

Step 2: Flash the Module in Magisk Supervisor

If you would additionally secure downloaded the mod, open your Magisk Supervisor app and faucet the puzzle fragment-shaped icon on the floating menu bar in opposition to the backside of the page. It will steal you to the Modules tab, the build you need to still faucet “Set up from storage.” Next, pick out the mod file out of your Downloads folder, then Magisk will commence installing it. When it be completed, faucet “Reboot.”

Step 3: Simulate a Waterfall Expose Cutout

For this segment, you would possibly must liberate Developer Alternate choices whenever you occur to have not completed so already.

Within the occasion you procure help up, open Settings, then faucet “Machine,” and obtain “Stepped forward.” From there, pick out “Developer Alternate choices,” then scroll about halfway down to the Drawing part. On the backside of this part, faucet “Expose cutout,” then obtain “Waterfall cutout” from the popup.

Step 4: Revel in a Smaller Station Bar

At this level, you are safe to pass. Reckoning on which mod you selected, your location bar must still now be about half of as gargantuan as it became sooner than. Sure, the digital padding across the front digicam isn’t any longer symmetrical anymore, however you would possibly really be in a living to see extra scream material on the show cloak in most apps.

(1) Default, (2) 36 DP mod, (3) 24 DP mod

Within the occasion you ever wish to undo this mod, whisk to the Modules part in your Magisk Supervisor app and disable the toggle switch next to it. Then, swap “Expose cutout” in Developer Alternate choices help to the “Default” surroundings and reboot your telephone.

Quilt image, screenshots, and GIF by Dallas Thomas/Arrangement Hacks

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