The Secret iPhone Dialer Trick That Dials Extensions Automatically & Navigates Computerized Name Menus for You

Automatic cell phone menus are the worst. You name the amount, take stamp to prerecorded prompts, press button, listen, press button, listen, press button, listen, till you are routed or connected to the enticing extension, directory, menu, particular person, or no matter. But you would moreover bypass these computerized attendants to procure enticing to where you would possibly want to toddle by developing a straightforward shortcut in your iPhone.

Computerized Name Menus Suck

Per a ask, 52% of of us who name auto attendants or more suitable interactive train response (IVR) programs procure pissed off, and 18% in fact feel indignant at some level of their interactions with digital name center receptionists. It be not aesthetic at all, specifically must you’ve got to name the same self-discipline on a typical foundation for records or updates and must navigate the routing intention time and again.

There include even been songs highlighting the frustrating functions of computerized attendants. If you’ve got got never listened to “LAMC” by Tool, it be a seven-minute-prolonged parody song ridiculing the Los Angeles Municipal Court docket’s computerized name attendant. It be the handiest time I don’t suggestions hearing those DTMF tones being pressed constantly.

How Your iPhone Can Help

For instance, to illustrate I name my native healthcare facility continuously to perform, alternate, or slay appointments. The medical center starts with a welcome message and emergency and suicide records, and the computerized name intention goes on for a full two minutes.

  • 0: 00–0: 12 (welcome message, dial 911 for emergencies)
  • 0: 12–0: 19 (press 7 for suicide crisis line)
  • 0: 19–0: 26 (suicide crisis line cell phone amount)
  • 0: 26–0: 32 (details about COVID vaccine)
  • 0: 32–0: 40 (fever, frigid, flu-love programs, press 3 for nurse)
  • 0: 40–0: 46 (press 2 for appointment records)
  • 0: 46–1: 04 (search for of screening for COVID at facility)
  • 1: 04–1: 15 (recommends a flu shot if not already completed)
  • 1: 15–1: 25 (press 6 for common inquiries)
  • 1: 25–1: 28 (press an extension at any time)
  • 1: 28–1: 31 (press 1 for pharmacy)
  • 1: 31–1: 40 (press 2 for appointment records / reach well-known care)
  • 1: 40–1: 45 (press 3 for nurse)
  • 1: 45–1: 50 (press 4 for advantages)
  • 1: 50–1: 53 (press 5 for billing)
  • 1: 53–2: 00 (press 0 for operator)

On the 0: 40 2nd price, it says to press 2 for appointment records, and if I neglected that suggested, it offers it again at the 1: 31 price. As an replacement of having to again around till one amongst those prompts is heard, I would maybe presumably press 2 enticing away as rapidly as my name connects. Then again, I in fact include a defective reminiscence, so I’d not be aware that amount, nonetheless I will be able to attach it apart as a shortcut on my iPhone, so I don’t prefer to.

Now, this handiest makes sense if it be a amount you continuously name, per chance even regularly. If it be the foremost time dialing an computerized name routing intention, it is likely you’ll presumably not be aware of the menus and prompts. But must you name it better than as soon as, your iPhone can let you skip enticing to the fragment of the name you need at any time when.

Guidelines on how to Predicament Up Your Shortcut

It be easy to discover a shortcut that calls and navigates by means of an computerized name attendant for you. And whereas I carry calling these “shortcuts,” you put not want to exercise the Shortcuts app to perform the magic work.

First, initiate the Contacts app or “Contacts” by capacity of the Phone app, then add a brand fresh contact or edit the fresh contact must you’ve got already acquired the foremost cell phone line saved. In the cell phone field, make sure the total amount with home code is there, then in the present day after the amount:

  • Use a , (comma) to discover a two-2nd cease.
  • Use a ; (semicolon) to discover a wait till you tap.
  • Use a amount (0–9) to automate a button press.

To exercise commas and semicolons in amount schemes, press the +*# button within the keypad’s bottom left. You’re going to then ask two buttons for “cease” and “wait” where the 4 and 6 keys had been. Conclude provides the comma, and wait provides the semicolon.

Attend to my medical center name instance, if I desired to discuss about appointments, I would maybe presumably exercise the following amount plan to dial the amount, wait two seconds, then perform it press “2” for me:

  • 818-555-0110,2

Then again, this doesn’t continuously work in my case. The computerized attendant needs to start talking sooner than a DTMF tone is heard, and as soon as in a while it takes better than two seconds for it to start. Lots of comma shall be added to the plan to in finding more pauses, and a 2nd cease is all I must perform it work.

  • 818-555-0110,,2

That quantity connects me enticing to the appointment line, nonetheless there is but every other computerized name menu after that one that claims I will be able to press 1 for prescription refills, 8 for a mental effectively being salvage, or attach up for all other needs. I’d staunch attach up for appointments, nonetheless if I desired to discuss to a mental effectively being salvage, I would maybe presumably add that to the cell phone plan with a cease and eight.

  • 818-555-0110,,2,8

Now, what about semicolons then? I want to name the medical center amount and better than doubtless want to discuss about appointments, nonetheless I want to toddle away it initiate in case I alternate my suggestions. I would maybe presumably add a semicolon, then the amount 2, so that when the name first connects, the iPhone will stamp Dial “2” on the name camouflage, and I will be able to staunch press that to attach appointments. But I would maybe presumably also not press that and in finding but every other possibility from the menu.

  • 818-555-0110;2

You would possibly presumably presumably moreover moreover combine commas (pauses) and semicolons (waits) if wished. For instance I continuously want to discuss to a mental effectively being salvage, nonetheless not continuously. Perchance I want to discuss to the nurse as soon as in a while or take a look at my billing and price recordsdata regularly.

I would maybe presumably exercise a semicolon adopted by “2,” which is fascinating to add the on-camouflage Dial “2” possibility. If I don’t press that button, I would maybe presumably procure but every other possibility, corresponding to 3 for nurse or 5 for billing. If I press that button, this might attach up for four seconds (two commas) then robotically sound the 8 DTMF tone to procure out that menu merchandise.

  • 818-555-0110;2,,8

You would possibly presumably presumably moreover moreover enlighten this same belief to extensions. If you know the party’s extension, staunch add it after the comma or semicolon or no matter you’ve got predicament up in your configuration.

  • 818-555-0110,,8359

Ought to you’ve got got discovered the cell phone amount plan, assign the contact.

Guidelines on how to Name Your Shortcut

Merely name them love you on the total would — from the Contacts app, the “Contacts” menu within the Phone app, the exercise of Siri — no matter.

At any time at the same time as you provoke dialing the amount, this might name, join, then cease and press numbers robotically constant along with your configuration to procure you enticing where you need. For pauses and amount presses, nothing will narrate on the name camouflage, as viewed within the foremost image beneath, nonetheless you would moreover hear the DTMF tones.

If you selected something with a semicolon, this might name, join, then attach up for extra interplay from you sooner than continuing with any other automation, if the semicolon is the foremost within the plan. In the 2nd image beneath, I known as the 818-555-0110;2,,8 plan, so Dial “2” presentations up subsequent to the tip name button. If I know I want to discuss to a mental effectively being salvage, I’d tap that on the camouflage, then this might wait four seconds and press 8 to join me.

Collect Faster Entry to Your Shortcut

You would possibly presumably presumably add the contact as a Well-liked in Phone must you name the amount always. On the contact online page for the amount, staunch hit “Add to Favorites,” then procure and procure out the amount beneath the “Name” menu. It is going to then narrate up within the “Favorites” tab in Phone. You would possibly presumably presumably moreover moreover add a Shortcuts-created Favorites widget to your self-discipline camouflage for even faster procure entry to.

Collect a Dwelling Show Shortcut

If you would possibly want to perform an app icon in your self-discipline camouflage for the contact as a change of a widget, you would moreover slay that in Shortcuts too. I’d not stamp that task right here since I’ve covered it extensively in my handbook on rising home camouflage shortcuts for contacts, so take a look at that out in narrate for you to know more.

  • Paunchy Files: Flip Your Contacts into Apps on Your iPhone’s Dwelling Show

Whilst you atomize up going the URL plan route in your contact’s home camouflage bookmark, the plan will witness love one amongst the ones beneath. Commas and semicolons work in these schemes too.

tel://818-555-0110;2,,8 telprompt://818-555-0110;2,,8

Elope Up Interactions with Your Computerized Calls!

While I ancient a native medical center to illustrate above, you can see a shortcut for calling and bypassing computerized prompts in your bank, utility firm, approved procuring mall, or any other self-discipline with an computerized attendant.

If you’ve got points along with your cable box, you would moreover merely want to name your cable firm continuously to reset it. But you would moreover discover a name shortcut to soar by means of the menus for you till you procure to the possibility for resetting your cable box. For instance, 818-555-0194,,2,,3,1,,3,7 would maybe presumably procure you enticing to the gold.

The alternatives are never-ending, nonetheless firms can alternate their computerized name programs at any time. So carry that in suggestions. In case your cell phone amount plan isn’t working anymore, that would maybe presumably be why, so you will want to rebuild it the exercise of the fresh name menus.

Duvet narrate and screenshots by Justin Meyers/System Hacks